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Luxury Waist Bead Line

Embrace your waist with MORE of the natural stones you love!

Authentic Stones

Be intentional about your stone selection by choosing the options that align with your goals & desires!

Amethyst Stone
Luxury Waist Beads


The Tranquility Stone!

Promotes peace, soothes anxiety and other negative emotions, and aids in meditation practices

Black Onyx Stones
Luxury Waist Beads

Black Onyx

The Protection Stone!

Encourages inner strength, focus, willpower, self-mastery, discipline, and reason.

Jade Stones
Luxury Waist Beads


The Stone of Prosperity & Abundance!

Promotes balance and well-being. Brings good luck!

Mother of Pearl Stones
Luxury Waist Beads

Mother of Pearl

The Stone of Harmony & Balance!

Brings gentle healing of the sea, soothes fear, and gives clarity in decision making.

Labradorite Stones
Luxury Waist Beads


The Intuition Stone!

Encourages you to think clearly & trust your gut!

Luxury Waist Beads


The Stone of New Beginnings!

Helps with inner growth & is believed to bring balance and harmony.

Rose Quartz Stones
Luxury Waist Beads

Rose Quartz

The Stone of Unconditional love!

The perfect reminder to love yourself wholeheartedly!

Tigers Eye Stones
Luxury Waist Beads

Tigers Eye

The Stone of Courage!

Represents confidence, resilience, and self-improvement.

*This is not a comprehensive list.
Contact us to inquire about additional stone options*

Ready to Order?

Use the Luxury Line Order Form below to place your order. This will help your Waist Bead Designer gather the details of your order. You will be contacted within 3 business days to confirm details before payment is accepted.

Luxury Line Order Form


NOTE: For group orders or orders larger than 10, please email us directly for assistance at

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