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Empowerment Party?



Thank you for choosing Love Mila Brand to provide

waist bead services for your friends/family!


           An Empowerment Party is a way to introduce your loved ones to the benefits of adorning their waists with African-inspired body jewelry. Your group will meet at the Love Mila Brand Studio, where you will be educated on the history, purpose, and meaning of waist beads, participate in a confidence-boosting bonding activity, and shop or place custom orders for waist beads that are meaningful to you. Pre-made strands will be attached at the party while custom strands require 1 week to prepare.

            In order to book Love Mila Brand, a $100 non-refundable booking fee is required to lock in your party date. The remaining balance of $100 is due 1 week prior to your party date. The host will receive a $25 credit to be used towards Love Mila Brand waist beads or apparel.

           Remember, there are NO age, size, or weight restrictions to wearing waist beads. Love Mila Brand highly encourages everyone to feel sexy while working on their personal journey in life!


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We are excited and willing to travel throughout the United States!

Inquire about additional packages for long distance parties. Travel fees apply.


          Again, we thank you for choosing Love Mila Brand and look forward to incorporating the beauty of waist beads into any occasion!



Jamila Johnson

Owner, Love Mila Brand