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Love Mila Brand

Est. 2008

We use the ancient art of waist beads to promote self-love, confidence & embracing your body while using the art of color therapy to encourage continuous personal growth on a mental, spiritual, and emotional level. In addition to waist beads, Love Mila Brand uses apparel to spark conversations about body image and challenge societal beauty standards.

On April 2, 2022, Love Mila Brand opened it's first studio location in Richmond, VA! This is historic as the first studio of it's kind in the entire state of Virginia! Jamila is excited to bring the education, motivation, and culture of waist beads to her community!

Visit Us!

8014 Midlothian Turnpike, Suite 207 - Richmond, VA 23235

Directions to our store

"No one has the power to convince me what is or isn't beautiful in MY eyes... condition yourself to find beauty in everything around you."  

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C.E.O & Founder

Jamila Johnson


Owner of Love Mila Brand, has designed custom waist beads since 2008! With her holistic background in community engagement and mental health services, she empowers others to seek self-love, inner affirmation, and unbreakable confidence! Aside from designing beautiful waist beads, she pushes conversations about body image with her apparel line, My Own Kind of Sexy... Redefining Your Beauty Standards, and facilitates waist bead empowerment parties across the nation and internationally!

In March 2024, Jamila hosted the world's first Waist Bead Empowerment Cruise, which consisted of 125 participants, speakers, fitness instructors, and workshops! Stay tuned for future retreats and events from Love Mila Brand!

"Quality will ALWAYS trump quantity at Love Mila Brand! We are bigger than waist beads."

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